North Sea

North Sea

Those who want to sail long-distances, go along on an adventure on the North Sea to East England, or along the coast of Holland and Belgium. Large ports such as Den Helder, IJmuiden, Scheveningen, Rotterdam and Vlissingen provide plenty of opportunities for this.

The North Sea is an important source of life, rest and space. Here, people and animals, sailors and beach wanderers can enjoy themselves. Furthermore, this area has a great variety of plants and fish in open water. Freight is also transported, fishing and dredging is done, and oil, gas sand and shells are extracted. In a sailing ship, you can drift down to the Belgian coastline or even sail to the rocky coast of Brittany. If you sail to East England, then you step into another world. As a result of the vast, open skies above the flat landscape, it sometimes seems as though your senses are operating better than normal. It is the sort of England that visitors dream of. The perfect combination of friendly landscape, ancient towns, stately homes with imposing gardens, good-natured villages as though out of a fairy tale, and endless coasts full of protected birds. All provided with that one, unique ingredient: a characteristic, mildly eccentric, personality. Great Yarmouth for example is the ideal place to enjoy a real English holiday in rural surroundings on the coast. Great Yarmouth doesn’t only have glorious, sandy beaches, but is also known foremost as a town with a venerable history going back to the Middle Ages.

Skipper Marten Munstra, schoonerbrig ‘Jantje’

“I would be happy to have you enjoy the most beautiful places on the North Sea and East England. From the Netherlands it is possible, depending on sailing conditions, to sail to England in a day. The strong current and the busy shipping traffic make this crossing an adventurous voyage, during which we can teach you a lot about navigation and sailing on open water in a short space of time. After the crossing, you’ll enjoy a well-deserved rest in a typical English village or at anchor. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a beginner, it makes no difference. We hoist the sails together, and you help with steering, navigating and keeping watch. Roaming along continuously changing coastlines, you’ll climb the rigging and enjoy the impressive vistas. A crossing to England is beautiful, but also definitely worthwhile is a journey along the Dutch coast. And further to the south, in the direction of Belgium and France. Or in a north-easterly direction along the Dutch shallows in the direction of Germany. The choice is yours entirely!”

Ships on the North Sea:



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